My home is my castle. | The Proof of the Pudding

Or in this case, my kitchen is my castle.

Apologies for the hiatus in blog posts, but things have been pretty crazy over the last few days. Ross and I got keys to our new flat at lunchtime on Friday and since then we have not stopped. Most of the flat looks like a bomb site: there are piles of boxes and bin bags everywhere, a gigantic cardboard box (sofa bed inside) in the hallway, our “bed” is a sofa bed mattress on the floor and you will struggle to get into the spare room.

However, the kitchen has been unpacked, organised and ready to go since Friday afternoon. You can tell where our priorities lie. I don’t mind eating take out on the floor, sleeping on a make-shift bed or having to rummage through bags to find a pair of shoes. As long as the kitchen is an oasis of calm, with daffodils on the window sill, a scented candle lit and the coffee machine switched on, I’m happy.

So I’m afraid there’s no new recipe today. Although the kitchen is ready and waiting for cooking to begin, we have not been! We had time to make our first home cooked meal last night (Rock Salt Roast Chicken, garlic and rosemary roast potatoes and steamed green vegetables) and it was a welcome break from pizza and Ikea hot dogs.

I am so excited to cook in our new kitchen (I have been allowed my own “baking cupboard”) and, since I have to spend the next two days in the flat unpacking and waiting for deliveries, I’m going to get baking. I plan to make the ultimate in homely baking (clue in the picture below). Although we adore our new flat, it is yet to truly feel like home, and I know that the smell of this item wafting through the rooms will help in getting us there.

Expect good things soon…