I love blogs, and food blogs in particular. They are a great way to discover recipes and find new ideas for your own cooking. Here are some of my favourites…

Smitten Kitchen
An amazingly extensive food blog written by Deb, who lives in New York and produces fresh, comforting home cooking from a tiny 42 square foot kitchen. Her photography is phenomenal and I bought her latest book for my mum’s birthday last year, which was a real hit.

Mimi Thorisson’s blog Manger is simply divine. Mimi is a stunningly gorgeous cook, mother/step-mother of 6 equally beautiful children and owner of 14 (yes, FOURTEEN) dogs. Mimi lives in the Médoc region of France and her husband takes the photographs of family, food and countryside that accompany the blog posts. Every new blog post makes me wish I lived in France and had Mimi to cook for me every night!

Rachel Phipps
Rachel’s blog is a winning mixture of recipes and restaurant reviews, with a dash of travel and a pinch of lifestyle for good luck. Her Student Suppers series are great recipes on a budget and she provides lots of inspiration for places to visit when in London (or LA, if you’re that side of the world!).

Joy the Baker
I love, love, love Joy’s writing style: so casual, so friendly, so warm. Her recipes always look delicious and she often has really useful features explaining baking techniques and ingredients.

The Londoner
Rosie, aka The Londoner, is “a roaming blogger who’s lucky enough to call London home”. Her content is extremely varied, with lifestyle, beauty, travel, restaurant and recipe posts. All the recipes that I have tried so far have been winners (from Beercan Jerk Chicken to Nutella Banana Cupcakes to the Ultimate Swedish Meatballs).

Spoon Fork Bacon
This blog is particularly great for party food and drink ideas – especially American foods (think Chicken Fried Potatoes, oh yes).