Simple Guide to Zero Waste Living

0-waste residing is the conservation of all resources via responsible production, intake, reuse and healing of merchandise, packaging and materials with out burning, and and not using a discharges to land, water or air that threaten the environment or human fitness.The time period has improved in recognition in current years, due to the elevating of

seem intimidating, however with a few changes on your regular lifestyle, it can be effortlessly conceivable.put off Plastic Packagingbuy a few glass and stainless-steel containers to save leftovers and liquids. Use mason jars to save unfastened items, which include dried beans, cereal, rice and granola.Grocery luggage next time you are at the grocery store, pick up some of these reusable grocery bags. they may be usually under $1 and are sturdy enough to closing for
be usually under $1 and are sturdy enough to closing for months (proper now, in the course of the pandemic, most grocery shops are not permitting these, but the time will come after they may be used once more).reduce meals Wastelook up some cool recipes online for repurposing leftovers. cut up your leftover chicken and throw it

lunch.natural Disinfectantintegrate a cup of vinegar with 1 half cups of water to create a easy but powerful house cleaner with out the delivered chemicals.p.c. your Lunchconsuming out throughout your lunch ruin at paintings each day can generate a whole lot of garbage. convey your personal utensils and reusable lunch box to keep money and waste much less food.Recyclelocate the
aluminum, cardboard, glass and plastic substances.Reusable Water Bottles and StrawsReusable water bottles are available anywhere. metal and glass water bottles are ideal for bringing your favourite drink at the zero waste living, move.Reuse Meat Bonesbefore throwing out those fowl bones, use them to make a hearty soup or inventory. Combining your bones with water and your favourite seasonings will result in the proper base for scrumptious meals.Use Compostable objectsCreate your own compost
the proper base for scrumptious meals.Use Compostable objectsCreate your own compost pile to your outdoor. instead of throwing away eggshells, fruit peels and coffee grounds, mix them with dirt to create an all-herbal, nutritious plant fertilizer. Tags:Earth Day, herbal merchandise, recycle, zero WasteGazelle staffpreceding ArticleEarth Day Turns 50!next Articlenumerous fashion brands that placed Our Planet First


on the blog page you will locate relateable testimonies, pictures, a sprinkling of science tidbits and examples of movements you may take to lessen your effect on the ocean which supports us all.i am Sara, and i desire my story evokes more take care of our surroundings. i’m on a assignment to communicate why

seas.I communicate for the seas for the seas have no tongues.Your moves count number.evidence of human effect is anywhere, from the highest peaks to the private depths of the sea. The research is apparent, the state of our surroundings, is not suitable. it’s such an overwhelmingly massive hassle that we’re rendered to feel helpless, but there are genuinely methods wherein we will act. remember, you may make a difference along with your tremendous actions.there is
something anyone can do,so we could get to it. Why communicate for the ocean?i am the Lorax. I communicate for the timber. I communicate for the trees for the trees haven’t any tongues.Dr. SeussIf you have not heard of The Lorax, I especially suggest giving it a examine. i discovered this PDF of this undying kid’s e book, but i’ll make a
the surroundings in the hands of corporate greed. A younger boy dwelling in a polluted location, visits a man known as the once-ler who tells the boy the tale beginning together with his arrival in a beautiful valley containing a woodland of Truffula bushes and various animalsThe ‘Lorax’ is the primary character, who “speaks for the timber” and confronts the ‘as soon as-ler’, who starts offevolved to reduce all

environmental degradation. closer to the end of his tale the as soon as-ler at last realizes low waste, out loud what the Lorax became trying to communicate earlier than he left.”except a person like you cares an awful lot, nothing is going to get higher, its not.”He shares this sentiment, then gives the boy the closing Truffula seed and urges him to develop a
be included from logging, then the Lorax and all of his buddies can also come back.So my project is to inspire the internal Lorax in every body, so we communicate up for our surroundings and inform international leaders and government what approach the most to us; we can not anticipate the earth in order to look after us if we do not appearance after it. thanks for
part of me on my journey to ‘talk for the sea’.Please permit JavaScript in your browser to complete this *e mail *websitepost

Crispy French Toast

6 eggs1 cup half and 1/2three tablespoons sugar1 tablespoon vanilla extract1 teaspoon ground cinnamonhalf teaspoon ground nutmeg2 cups cornflakes1 cup crumbled palmiers (you may replacement 1 extra cup cornflakes)three tablespoons powdered sugar, plus greater for dustingOil for deep-fryingfour slices bitter-dough bread, reduce into ¾-inch slicesApple toppingthree Granny Smith apples, peeled and sliced1 tablespoon floor cinnamon1/four cup mild brown sugarSalt2 tablespoons bloodless water1 tablespoon cornstarchIn a medium

bloodless water1 tablespoon cornstarchIn a medium saucepan, integrate the apples, cinnamon, brown sugar and a pinch of salt over low warmness. cook dinner, stirring till the apples are gentle but no longer gentle, eight to 10 mins. at the same time as the apples are cooking, combine the water and cornstarch in a small bowl. add the cornstarch combination to
the apples and growth the heat to excessive, stirring until the liquid bubbles and thickens. put off from warmness and maintain in a heat location.In a medium bowl, beat together the eggs, half of and half of, sugar,vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg to shape the batter.In a food processor, grind the cornflakes with the palmiers andpowdered sugar to a rough, sandy texture.warmth the oil in a extensive pot or deep fryer until it

texture.warmth the oil in a extensive pot or deep fryer until it reaches 350degrees. at the same time as the oil is heating, begin getting ready the French toast: Dip thebread inside the batter to soak, then press the soaked bread into thecrust mixture on each facets to form a very good coating. region the
to crowd, and fry until the crust isgolden-brown, approximately 2 mins.Drain the French toast on paper towels to get rid of powdered sugar substitute, any extra oil,then arrange on a plate and pinnacle with apple’s and a dusting ofpowdered sugar. Serve at once.Serves fourcommercialsPowered via wordads.cowe have obtained your document.
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Selenite Crystal Meanings

predicted studying time: 6 minutesSelenite is a shape of Gypsum that, even though crystallized, is very smooth. Selenite, which comes from the ancient Greek Selene, means the moon and their moon goddess. This crystal has also been known as maria glass and satin spar. It comes in white, grey, inexperienced, brown, and orange. a grey to brown-orange “rose” shaped range is called wasteland rose.Selenite is a shielding crystal,

it’s also a stone of mental readability and flexibility. Selenite can also be a doorway to different nation-states and better consciousness.Cluster of desolate tract Rose SeleniteWhat would you operate Selenite for in crystal healing rituals, treatments, or selenite crystal, grids?religious, Metaphysical, strength, and historical Crystal restoration MeaningsPlease keep in mind that recuperation crystal
practitioner approximately any illness or damage, similarly to any crystal healing.Blockages: Clears blockages on physical or emotional degrees that may purpose disorder or soreness.Soothing: This crystal can help with inflammation and, as a result, with ache.backbone: Selenite aligns the backbone and promotes flexibility. therefore, it is able to accurate deformities of the skeletal device and ease backaches.Seizures: Crystal healers use selenite to lessen or stop seizures and epileptic disorders.light
fitness: Selenite promotes the healing of the bodily frame and overall health.infection: One way it does this is by fighting contamination in the frame.Wands or Logsadditional recuperation propertiesmetal Poisoning: This stone is used to assist problems stemming from metal poisoning from antique teeth fillings.unfastened Radicals: it is able to also reverse troubles associated with unfastened radicals within the mobile’s structure.cancer:
getting older: Selenite can assist eliminate age spots and wrinkles.Psoriasis: This crystal soothes and clears psoriasis.Fertility: As a fertility, pregnancy, and motherhood stone, it protects a pregnant girl and her infant. this is real before and after start.Breastfeeding: This crystal promotes a healthful breastfeeding relationship between baby and mother.PMS: This stone relieves the signs and symptoms of PMS.treatments: This crystal can be used to
at ExquisiteCrystals.comI just love those men!how are you going to enhance your lifestyles with this crystal?Ritual, Sacred, Metaphysical homes, Gemstone Meanings, and conventional uses In historical and present day lifewarning: Selenite dissolves in water.readability: Selenite brings clarity of thoughts and clears disorientation and confusion. for this reason, it lets in seeing the deeper photo,
moreover, it protects houses, property, possessions, and valuables. To shield an area vicinity a massive piece (or numerous small pieces) centrally within the place or at the corners of the of beliefs: moreover it protects your beliefs in opposition to doubt.risky responsibilities: wearing Selenite is also beneficial for those who carry out dangerous responsibilities: soldiers, sailors,

touring higher planes of existence.better recognition: This stone can enhance your awareness to a higher stage. better awareness can help you communicate with spirit publications and angels.Peace: This crystal brings serenity and peace.Calm: Selenite is strongly calming, creating even extra peace around you.Meditation: as a result, it’s far helpful for meditating deeply.religious work: it is also useful for different sorts of non secular work.Logextra uses for Seleniteclean & fee different Stones: Selenite is tremendous for
clearing and charging different crystals and stones. simply make sure to clear and fee it first. 🙂windows: traditionally selenite has been used as windowpanes in sunnier areas, and Santa Sabina in Rome (opens in a brand new window) nonetheless has them. I think that’s simply splendid.Honesty: This crystal helps honesty and reality.Relationships: consequently, it promotes healthful relationships and desirable commercial enterprise practices.Psychic: This crystal aids work in psychic capabilities. hence it could boom
do recuperation beyond lifestyles paintings.Psychic communication: helps to engage with spirit guides, angels, the ancestors. this can be telepathically or thru divination.stability: Selenite facilitates hold the feelings in balance, as well as spiritually, physically, and mentally Robyn HartonOrange Selenite is especially a home stone. put it in a vital place in your private home. There it can bring happiness to the house and hearth. additionally it is able to keep a family glad together.
additionally, outdoor the house it could be used to maintain corporations united and operating properly together.Crown Chakra symbol – image: Public domainChakras and different associationsSelenite associates basically with the Crown Chakra and the 1/3 Eye Chakra. Orange or brown specimens also resonate with the Sacral Chaka.See the Chakras Pages to
aside from water to cleanse or clear your stone. in any other case, it’s going to slowly dissolve a touch greater every time you clear or cleanse it. And in case you leave it sitting in water, it’s vulnerable to dissolve completely, you may learn other ways to clean and rate your crystals may locate mineralogical information at (opens in a new window). And you can discover gemological records at
a brand new window).See additional references and resources on crystals and the GIA Gem Encyclopedia (opens in a brand new window) for sacred, non secular recovery, metaphysical and/or mineral information.different crystals you might enjoy are Opal, Moldavite, and Tourmaline. you could discover all the crystals on the home web page.photographs: AdobeStock until

Tea Towel Furoshiki An Eco Friendly way to Gift Wrap for Christmas

This publish become added to you in partnership with SpoonflowerI love to provide handmade at Christmas, however the reality is except you begin your gift making early, it’s clean to run out of time as soon as December rolls round.I’ve got the best answer for a completely unique hand-crafted present which is great practical too – TEA TOWELS!these aren’t your simple

aren’t your simple vintage uninteresting tea towels although, they are like mini works of artwork. With Spoonflower you may order fabric to be revealed together with your choice of designs from hundreds of indie designers or you can even create a layout yourself. It doesn’t take long to hem the
home made gift.but tea towels aren’t just beneficial for washing up, I’ve framed a few truly pretty ones to hang on my wall, and they make remarkable eco pleasant wrapping too.inspired with the aid of Furishiki, jap fabric wrapping, I’ve hemmed up a group of tea towels and used them to wrap some small presents. It’s doubling up
the pleasure with zero gift wrapping rubbish to throw away.I chose 6 designs that felt festive and summery with a retro twist. every layout is printed on a fats region of Linen Cotton Canvas ultra fabric.From Left to proper – top Row: 2021 in the Kitchen Calendar through Ottomanbrim, Themos Teatowel through Andrea Lauren, Rabbits by way of lizmytinger. backside Row: Kitchen buddies via Anda, Crustaceans tea towel by
lizmytinger. backside Row: Kitchen buddies via Anda, Crustaceans tea towel by way of Andrea Lauren, Swedish Pancakes through maja_a.i will’t pick just one favorite, however I’m quite enamored with the seafood teatowel, and the Kitchen pals calendar.the way to make a Tea TowelYou will want:1 fats zone of Linen Cotton Canvas extremely fabric (or alternative).Scissors or Rotary Cutter, Ruler and
Ruler and reducing matIronSewing machineDenim needle (optionally available)Rolled hem foot (non-obligatory)Matching sewing threadGeneral stitching suppliesHow to:1. Order a tea towel fats area design from Spoonflower and wait patiently for it to reach. instead you could use a material out of your stash (cotton drill is a superb choice).2. If the tea towel can be for personal use, supply it a wash. in case you are making for a present,
it a wash. in case you are making for a present, you can need to pass this step as a few darker designs can fade barely. as soon as dry deliver it a terrific press.three. square off the rims with a rotary cutter and ruler. eco friendly gifts, you can additionally use scissors.four. Use your Rolled hem stitching gadget foot to make a narrow rolled hem at the lengthy aspects of
hem stitching gadget foot to make a narrow rolled hem at the lengthy aspects of the tea towel. The small hem requires much less fabric so your tea towel doesn’t come to be too slender.Tip: i discovered the Linen Cotton Canvas ultra material pretty robust and a bit difficult to sew as soon as there were a few layers. A denim needle helped pierce all of the fabric cleanly.5. Press a

layers. A denim needle helped pierce all of the fabric cleanly.5. Press a double fold hem at the top and backside of the tea towel (short facets). about 1cm ought to be best. stitch down and press to finish.Now you’ve made a Tea Towel!Tea Towel Furoshiki – An Eco pleasant way to gift Wrap for ChristmasNow comes the fun element, the usage of the gift you’ve simply made to wrap any
fun element, the usage of the gift you’ve simply made to wrap any other present. It’s like gift giving inception. mind Blown!conventional furoshiki cloths are big, square and made from pretty thin material, which makes them very adaptable to wrap and carry nearly anything. With a tea towel you are more limited with wrapping patterns, however with the assist of some yarn, string and twine, I’ve
assist of some yarn, string and twine, I’ve managed to wrap six small items in specific and interesting methods.check this Furoshiki Wrapping manual PDF by means of the japanese Ministry of the environment.right here are the gifts I’ve wrapped, can you select which is which?I’ve come up with my own wrapping styles, to first-class fit every gift and fabric layout.Bon Bon WrapPerfect for cylindrical presents and a completely festive manner to wrap a Christmas present.simply
fabric layout.Bon Bon WrapPerfect for cylindrical presents and a completely festive manner to wrap a Christmas present.simply region the object on one in every of the quick sides, roll up and tie off every end with a ribbon.Wine Bottle WrapStand your bottle up in the center of the tea towel and pull up the edges to accumulate across the neck of the bottle.
the neck of the bottle. Fasten with a ribbon or cord.Envelope WrapPerfect for a e-book, small dish, or any flat rectangular item.area the item on considered one of the fast edges and fold inside the lengthy facets. Roll up and tie with a wire to lock. I’ve used my handmade candy cane material cord.Envelope
however location the object diagonally in a single corner.container WrapPerfect for small packing containers or tins.location field in center of tea towel with the instantly sides of the field aligned to the corners of the material. firstly pull up cloth on 2 contrary corners and tuck in over container, then tie
field you must have sufficient cloth to make a knot. Use a ribbon, rubber band or string to lock the corners if wrapping a larger box. I’ve delivered pom poms for added fun instances!i hope I’ve stimulated you to make your very own particular tea towels and use them as

10 Things Every City Needs

What makes an urban centre genuinely exceptional? take a look at out my list of 10 things every city needs under to discover!10. Pedestrian friendly Public areasSidewalk patios and pedestrian simplest streets and buying centres are superb additions to any city locale.  They permit us to enjoy the outdoors, go to local businesses without problems, and gather with our buddies.9. Arts & way

of each urban centre is a colourful arts and tradition scene.  this will take many bureaucracy, both in solid cultural hubs such as public libraries, museums, and galleries, but also inside the diverse events that the city places on, or that participants of the network create.  these occasions offer a discussion board to explicit creativity and precise ideas, they permit humans to meet and mingle, and they
also have a good time all of the one of a kind cultural agencies in the network, making the metropolis energetic and welcoming!8. network Gardens & neighborhood Agriculturenetwork gardens advantage us in a variety of ways.  They provide nearby, convenient and coffee-fee meals for the neighbourhood, strengthens bonds among network contributors, and presents a healthful distraction from bustling
to get together and share their testimonies and knowledge with one another.  moreover, nearby agriculture brings external meals systems again into the coronary heart of the town, and gives opportunity land makes use of, further enhancing the cityscape.7. motorbike & Pedestrian Infrastructuremultiplied bike and pedestrian infrastructure are an crucial a part of any suitable city network.  First, they
that can relieve the already overladen avenue and subway structures that we’ve got nowadays.  biking or taking walks is also suitable for our health, and not being locked in a car increases our likelihood of interacting with our neighbours and traveling local agencies, growing a experience of network and bolstering nearby economy.  And most
our own safety, because the 21 pedestrian deaths and three bicycle owner deaths on Toronto streets in this summer time alone have proved.6. community Centres/meeting placesregularly unnoticed, community centres offer outreach for low-profits and newcomer businesses while setting up sturdy community ties.  additionally they provide precise programming for sports, arts, way of life and extra.  community centres additionally represent a socializing enjoy for the aged and different demographics that may not in any
demographics that may not in any other case exist.  they’re hubs for civic engagement and community engagement, and a amazing area to find out local information and organizations.five. inexperienced areasimilarly to network gardens, towns want parks and committed green spaces for exercise and relaxation.  Urbanites be afflicted by a loss of exposure to nature, which damages no longer most effective our physical fitness but our intellectual well being as properly.  Of

being as properly.  Of path, green spaces come in all shapes and sizes: conservation regions, parks and parkettes, courtyards, inexperienced roofs and more.  the flexibility of greenery makes inexperienced area a surprisingly underrated thing of urban existence, one which could easily be progressed.four. reliable Transit systemTransit is literally what continues a city moving.
errands, the charge, comfort and efficiency of public transportation consequences us all.  whilst a metropolis’s transit systems stops, the city cannot function.three. properly Balanced Neighbourhood improvementmixed-use urban improvement slows expansion and creates greater habitable neighbourhoods.  these small microcosms offer area for living, running, and buying multi function.  This creates greater walkable groups (like discussed above!).  A well
age and tradition, to support residents in all degrees of her existence.2. devoted network Leadersnetwork leaders that interact with their ingredients are much more likely to be privy to particular neighborhood issues and wishes.  without devoted leaders to symbolize each neighbourhood’s person needs in city council and different boards misaligned city planning will result.  A grass-roots method to growing neighbourhoods around their population, preserving nearby background while planning
planning for the destiny will provide lots better outcomes than simply catering to the buzzwords of the time.1. Engaged citizensWhy are engaged citizens #1 on this list? because with out them, the entirety else is meaningless.  you can have incredible infrastructure, public areas, and all the services you need, however it doesn’t mean a lot if no person’s the use of it.  For each metropolis to characteristic and cater to the wishes of its
and cater to the wishes of its human beings, the ones human beings need to be engaged and concerned.  They want to apprehend what’s taking place in their city, realize what assets are available to them, and be a part of the choice making procedure! And what takes place after they do is something awesome.Did I cowl the whole thing for your list?  when you have some
other ideas, allow me recognize within the comments!function photo courtesy of Peter Morgan. percentage this:click on to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)click to share on fb (Opens in new window)click on to percentage on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)click to proportion on Tumblr (Opens in new window)click on
window)Like this:Like Loading…associated

Mincemeat puff pastry swirls | The Proof of the Pudding

I am really pleased with this new recipe. It’s going to be my festive go-to recipe for whipping up a last minute sweet treat from now on. Basically, it’s a mince pie in disguise, and one that is even easier to make and store (which is really saying something, since mince pies aren’t exactly the trickiest kitchen task and don’t take up an awfully lot of room in the freezer). This mincemeat-packed pastry is the most efficient use of freezer space and can be put together in a matter of minutes. I used shop-bought puff pastry for this recipe because it’s all about convenience, but if you have time on your hands you can always make yours from scratch.

If you’re organised and already have homemade mincemeat ready to use then it will be perfect in this recipe. If not, then you can buy lovely mincemeat in the supermarkets, and we’ll perk it up with some orange zest, fresh pear and obligatory Christmas spirit anyway.

Ingredients (makes 24 pastries) 300g mincemeat 1 orange Splash of brandy 2 ripe pears 1 lemon

500g all-butter puff pastry

Mango ice-cream with raspberry ripple | The Proof of the Pudding

Happy New Year from Proof of the Pudding! Or is it bad form to wish you that when January is already nearly over? January can be a hard month, especially where I live as we know there are still a couple of months of dark mornings and evenings to get through, and if we’re to get a bad snow storm this year then it’s yet to come (EDIT: I spoke to soon, it seems this weekend is our first of the season). Sometimes you feel ready to jump into January with gusto: stocking up the cupboards, fridge and fruit bowl with healthy foods, pulling on your gym gear to work off that Christmas dinner and diving back into work at 9am on Monday morning, to-do list at the ready. But sometimes it takes a few sluggish days, or even weeks, to get back into a routine and not want to rush home every evening and immediately get your pyjamas on. However your January started, I hope it’s ending well. Let’s all look forward to February and longer days and Pancake Tuesday!

Now I’m not going to try and pretend that this is in any way a healthy recipe (see double cream and sugar), but it’s certainly refreshing and might be a welcome change from all that trifle and chocolate and Christmas pudding. This is also a satisfyingly straightforward ice-cream recipe which doesn’t require you to have an ice-cream maker (although if you do then by all means use it). The freeze-blend-freeze method ensures that the ice crystals are broken up and gives a smooth texture. Make sure you buy very ripe mangos for this recipe, for both texture and flavour. The squishier the better really. In particular, if you can find alphonso mangos these have an incredible, sweet flavour.

One year ago:
– Minestrone soup
– Courgette antipasto rolls

Ingredients 3 large ripe mangos (approximately 1kg) 300ml double cream 100g caster sugar ¼ tsp vanilla extract (optional)

50g frozen raspberries, defrosted

Beef shin and mushroom casserole | The Proof of the Pudding

Happy New Year gorgeous readers! I hope your festive break was filled to the brim with your favourite people, your favourite food and drink, and your favourite films, music, books and games. I know mine certainly was, and so much more. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much. You know that kind of laughter that makes your stomach and throat hurt and your breathing difficult? Yeah, that.

And so now it is January. The fruit bowl has been piled high, the vegetable drawer in the fridge is stuffed full and gym memberships have been renewed with gusto. I have just discovered Yoga with Adriene’s 30 Days of Yoga and what a revelation it is. I had forgotten how amazing just a short yoga practice every day is, plus there is the bonus that Adriene is an absolute babe. Serious babe crush going on.

But on the other hand, we are still in the depths of winter. The days may be getting gradually longer, but it really doesn’t feel like it right now. So let’s all agree that we still need some comfort food every now and then, yeah? We can stick to stir-fry and steamed vegetables and baked fish during the week, but on a Sunday night let’s snuggle up together on the sofa, wearing our comfiest pyjamas, with steaming bowls of stew and glasses of red wine. Cheers to that.

Ingredients (serves 2-3) 1 generous tbsp dried ceps (aka porcini mushrooms) 2 small onions, finely chopped 1 large clove of garlic, finely chopped 2-3 small carrots, cut into chunky wedges 2 medium parsnips (or in my case, one daddy, one mummy and one baby parsnip), cut into chunky wedges 350g beef shin 180g mushrooms, either cup or button Large glass of red wine 2 bay leaves 1 tbsp redcurrant jelly Olive oil

Salt and pepper

Spiced pumpkin muffins with cream cheese frosting | The Proof of the Pudding

GUYS GUYS GUYS. IT’S ONE WEEK TIL CHRISTMAS. One week until we can stuff our faces with turkey and bacon and mince pies (though it would be totally legitimate to have started this already…), rip open beautifully wrapped presents, throw back ill-advised quantities of champagne and sherry and then cry at the last ever episode of Downton. *Sob* (WARNING: to those who know me personally, I won’t be watching this until Boxing Day so approach me with spoilers on pain of horrific death). Below, in the “One year ago” section, are some appropriately festive recipes, but for now let’s celebrate a wonderful product of the season: the pumpkin. Pumpkins are for life, not just Halloween, so make the most of their time in the shops and do some alternative Christmas baking. I’ve posted a few pumpkin recipes in the past (spiced pumpkin soup with toasted pumpkin seeds, pumpkin pie with maple cream), so there are plenty to chose from if you really get into the pumpkin-y swing of things. The recipe for these delicately spiced and deliciously moist muffins is based onthis recipe from BBC Good Food, with just a few tweaks to quantities, spices and method. It’s very similar to a carrot cake batter, and in fact if you’re really averse to the pumpkin idea then you could do a substitution, though I encourage you to give this recipe a try as is.

While we’re on the subject, let’s clear something up: yes, “Halloween pumpkins” sold in the supermarkets are edible! Although grown specifically for carving, resulting in quite tough skin and possibly a more watery flesh and milder flavour, they are perfectly suitable for human consumption. I’ve used “Halloween pumpkins” in this recipe before and it worked like a dream, but you can get lots of different varieties of smaller pumpkins so if you see them in your local shop then give one a go (I used an Onion squash, also known as a Red Kuri squash, for this batch). You could also use butternut squash if pumpkins aren’t available.

One year ago:
– Mincemeat puff pastry swirls
– Sea salt and brandy truffles

Ingredients (makes 12 muffins) 250g coarsely grated pumpkin flesh (approx. 1 small pumpkin) 3 large eggs 1 tsp vanilla extract 175ml sunflower oil 175g soft light brown sugar 80g sultanas Zest of 1 orange 1 tsp ground cinnamon 1 tsp mixed spice ½ tsp ground ginger 200g self-raising flour

1 tsp bicarbonate of soda